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Join us in celebrating a friendship that has withstood the test of time, and witness the manifestation of two visionary women dedicated to fostering a community of wellness.  Welcome to our story - where friendship turns into family, travels inspire creativity, and where Remedy Eatery becomes the canvas for an unparalleled culinary experience in the heart of Lake Tahoe.

Our Story

Our founders', Kaylee Howell and Brittnee Bramy, 25+ year friendship blossomed amidst the stunning landscape of Lake Tahoe in picturesque Incline Village, NV.  The pair always felt a magnetic pull toward a shared vision; to infuse creativity and vitality into an area yearning for something exceptional.  Following their adventurous spirits, the duo ventured beyond their hometown, exploring the vibrant scenes of Santa Monica, CA, and the electric energy of Las Vegas, NV, after graduating high school.  But those stays were short.  Returning to Tahoe in 2012 and embarking on a mission to turn their dream into a reality, Brittnee and Kaylee evolved into formidable female entrepreneurs, shaping their careers and paving the way for a beaming, more nourished future.  Fueled by their extensive travels and diverse experiences, they envisioned a place where culinary innovation meets wholesome living, crafting a unique haven that transcends the ordinary.

But what truly sets them apart is the bond that goes beyond friendship - it's a sisterhood forged through the highs and lows of life's adventures.  Their genuine connection not only propels their business forward but infuses every corner of their establishment with warmth, authenticity, and a touch of magic.

Meet The Family

Kaylee Howell

Co-founder, Kaylee, is a longtime Lake Tahoe resident; originally from Southern California, but has been in Incline Village, NV since the age of 11. She is an ambitious gal who has always had big goals and has successfully surpassed each milestone she has set for herself. The best one yet: becoming a business owner and creating the rewarding company that is Wild Society entirely on her own. From logo design to website creation and marketing, to every administrative standpoint; her hands have been the sole attributors in the making of the business. Beyond her accomplishments in the development of Wild Society, she has a true passion for cooking, hosting, and nutrition. 

Brittnee Bramy

Co-founder, Brittnee, was born and raised in North Lake Tahoe. She's creative and accomplished with a BA in Production and Stage Management and minor in Business from UNLV. She originally opened the doors of Tipsy Gypsy Boutique as a partnership. However, nearly 5 years into business, her former partner exited the business and Bramy began operating as the sole owner and has loved every minute of it. She has an eye for the trends and has cultivated outstanding relationships with both her customers and community. Additionally, she has a vast knowledge of holistic wellness. It's a lifestyle she has been practicing for many, many years.


Joe Glasgow

Besides being Brittnee's other half, Joe is a mastermind in the restaurant business. He is an extraordinary asset to Remedy. Currently thriving as the General Manager of the most popular mega-restaurant in Lake Tahoe, Gar Woods Grill & Pier, he provides us with his profound knowledge and expertise in creating a well-oiled machine.


Max Maehler

Max is the creative genius behind our stunning website and everything behind the scenes. A natural in graphic design, he seamlessly blends style with a fresh and unique perspective, bringing our digital presence to life. His inventive touch has and will continue to be an invaluable asset, ensuring our team stays at the forefront of innovation. It doesn't end there. Max also plays a fundamental role in the operation of Remedy, acting as General Manager.


The Wild & Tipsy Collective

Special shout out to our other sister!

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